Girls for sex in Rawalpindi

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3 Packages available 
1ST Package:

We will provide you boys for girls and girls for boys 4 Sex and Dating , You can do sex in our Secured places or can take Her/him with your self to your place.(Note:We don’t take any charges for using our places)

 1st Package Categories And Charge table

2nd Package:
This is for the colleges and Universities boys/girls Specially,but other people can also enjoy it.
We will provide you a college’s or university’s girl/boy of your city Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad,Quetta, Rawalpindi, Gujarat, Gujranwala, Muree, Kagan, Swat, Mardaan, Sibi, Chaman, Turbat, Khuzdar and you will be allowed to bring her/him with your self to Party any School or College Function or on Date to any Park etc.Warnings:These girls/boys are not for “SEX” they belong to noble families,so if we got any complaint from our any girl/boy regarding to any Customer, We will deal that customer in very “HARSH” manner.Offcores if girl/boy does any thing by her/him own will then we don’t have any objection.

2nd Package Charges:
5,000/hr for the 1st 3hours
after 3hours 3000/hr will be charged

3rd Package:
This is quite new one and we are starting it for the Cyber Sex and Phone Sex lovers.

Phone Sex ChargesRs.4000

Web Cam Sex Charges :  Rs.5000

In the very start of our business in the twin cities in 2008 we gave our numbers openly on the net for our customer.But that made problem for us and among 100 callers only 1 will be serious and other all 99 were just wasting our time i.e some one will be asking for friend ship,some one would start phone sex and some one would request to stop the business.Then we decide to keep the condition of sending mobile scratch card of only 100rs. That was a good idea because the ratio of serious customers went up from 1% to 50%.But among 100 the 50 persons were even not serious after sending scratch cards of 100rs. They would paid us the card and our girl would be waiting for them for hours but no response,some one would be asking us to send them car to pick them, some one would be asking to delay the program after wasting our 1 or 2 Hours.
So dear customers case is in front of you we think that serious customers never do such type of stupid things there for now the procedure is 1)Before saying any thing just send us your city’s name,time of sex,duration of sex,where you want to do sex(u will use our place or yours?) and the estimated age of girl/boy you want for sex e.g between 18 to 30 etc. Then if you got reply “YES” its mean Now you must pay the advance security or surity of yours which is 50%. 50% can be Paid through EASY PAISA Or U.B.L OMNI .

Foreign customers pay us online through Express Money or World Remit or Al-Fardan or Al-Ansari Chose any one this 50% would be deducted from the total cost of your sex fee so dont worry this 50% is not extra charges.There would be no extra charges on the name of NEW CUSTOMER or REGISTRATION CHARGES. So customers are advised not to pay any extra amount of money to any staff member or any girl ,MEANS 500/hour is 500 not even 501 its fixed and unchangeable in any condition.We are compelled to keep this Security because there is no alternative to deal with the fake customers i hope that new customer will understand the situation.
We are working for the past 3 years.So don,t  worry about security problem. We know how to deal with people.Contact us and send us your detail for getting your GIRL/BOY with in hour.
From 15th of September we are starting at once in D.I.KHAN,D.G.KHAN,KOHAT,SWAT and SIALKOT.We really need GIRLS and BOYS from these cities on good salaries.we need urgent gays and play boys from Islamabad,Karachi and Lahore and from all big cities of Pakistan.(Registration fee required).

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